Comodo Anti Virus: Savior or Devil In Disguise?

Imagine this: A reputable security company releases an eternally-free, "enterprise-class," anti-malware engine that doesn't waste CPU cycles, or otherwise molest your machine. Windows users rejoice that they can surf without fear of PTM (Porn-Transmitted Malware), and they line up to buy the company's other, for-cash, products. A national holiday is named in honor of the "firm that saved the internet."

...But something happened on the way to National Comodo Day.

A row is brewing over Comodo's bundling of software called LaunchPad with Comodo Anti-Virus and their other freebies. Some allege that LaunchPad is impossible-to-uninstall adware, or worse. Comodo Anti-Virus: Savior or Devil In Disguise?

Linked by shanmuga Saturday, 13th May 2006 2:04AM