Keyloggers, Spyware Continue To Strike Enterprises

Nearly 1 in 5 enterprises have had workers' PCs infected with keyloggers, the worst kind of spyware, a survey released Monday said.

The poll, conducted by Harris Interactive for San Diego-based security vendor Websense, found that 17 percent of IT administrators said that one or more employees had launched a keylogger on their network. In last year's survey, only 12 percent of administrators had acknowledged that keyloggers infected their domains.

Keyloggers are a type of spyware, and are used to record keystrokes (and sometimes mouse movements as well) to capture information such as usernames and passwords. They're often planted on consumers' PCs by identity thieves, but are becoming a corporate problem, too. TechWeb | News | Keyloggers, Spyware Continue To Strike Enterprises

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