What's your password secret?

Ncbft2biC - Nuthin' could be finah than to be in Carolina

Mha77wfw - Mary had a little lamb whose fleece was

Srfm409 - Go ahead and try to guess.

For many years I've created passwords that were the initial letter of a well known phrase. Add in a bit o' Script K1dd13, and soon you have an 'unbreakable' password.

Not so. Oddball combinations of letters, numbers, and punct||ation marks can be guessed eventua77y. Someone who has your hashes or your certs or your digital key pair has you if you use too f3w characters. It doesn't matter how many bangs, splats, and pipes you put into your password. So what's a guy/gal to do? Weblog Discussion: What's your password secret?

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