MySpace: A magnet for Spyware slime bags and every kind of abuse you could ever imagine

Your teen kids use MySpace. Over 70 million "kids" use MySpace. Over 26 million uniques per day hit this site. It's the largest magnet in the world for every kind of teen abuse you could imagine including but not limited to Spyware, identity theft, spam, and porn of all flavors. It's going to get even worse so take careful notes when you read this entry.

Mom, Dad and kids, read this!

Parents, if your kids use MySpace and or any social networking site, you must become involved with them. If your not willing to follow a few simple steps, I guarantee you that your kids will be abused so either do what I suggest or unplug the Net. StopScum:

Linked by shanmuga Thursday, 18th May 2006 11:14PM