Securing your Office

Microsoft Office is the most widely used office and productivity suite in the world. With the vast majority of users relying on Microsoft Word, Microsoft Excel and Microsoft PowerPoint for their day-to-day tasks, Microsoft Office, and the suite of programs it includes, represents an enormous target for an attacker who can find a hole to exploit.

In March of 2006, Microsoft released only two new Security Bulletins. One was rated as important and the other was critical. Critical Security Bulletin MS06-012 pertains to vulnerabilities in Microsoft Office that could allow a successful attacker to take complete control of a vulnerable system. In February 2006, a flaw, rated as important, was announced regarding PowerPoint (MS06-010).

It is imperative that users secure and protect their Microsoft Office programs as much as the operating system and Web browser they use. The overall security of the computer is only as strong as its weakest point, and Microsoft Office products could be that point. Follow these tips to lock down your Microsoft Office: Securing your Office

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