Computer Security: Your 5 Step Survival Guide

It's a dangerous world. Every day, thousands of attacks that threaten to corrupt key systems, steal customer data, and otherwise abuse information technology assets assault U.S. businesses.

The SANS Institute, which provides computer security education and training, estimates that the average Internet network address experiences an attack every 24 minutes. In most cases, it's an unscrupulous hacker trying to infect corporate computers with viruses, worms and Trojans-commonly dubbed "malware."

...To help chief information officers and chief security officers secure systems in this changing, challenging threat environment, Baseline presents this Security Survival Guide featuring tips and techniques from the nation's top security experts, including information systems experts, corporate security officers and top security consultants. They'll give you a heads-up on how to detect initial attacks, track down the source, enact an incident response plan, deal with corporate management and learn from experience-and, hopefully, help you sleep a little easier when all is said and done.5 Steps To Security Suvival

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