When you take work home, make sure security goes with it

One of the great things about mobile computing is that it's mobile. You can take data anywhere. The bad thing is that it's mobile someone else can take your data anywhere, too. This includes data on laptops, key drives, personal digital assistants, rewritable CDs, and even hard disks, plus data over remote connections between your home PC and a server at work.

As I write this, the Veterans Affairs Department has just told the world that one of its employees lost personally identifiable data, including Social Security numbers, for about 26 million veterans. Itís not clear yet what form the data took or on what medium it was stored on when it wandered off. So far, it appears no one has used the information. When you take work home make sure security goes with it

Linked by shanmuga Wednesday, 24th May 2006 3:35AM