Fill'er up with Spammy Email: 10 "free gas" sites that are high volume emailers

With gasoline breaking the $3 per gallon mark all over the U.S. and prices throughout the world on the rise, consumers are understandably looking for anything that will help blunt the cost of "fill'er up, please."

Many people turn to the Web for help and find plenty of sites offering "free gas cards" for $500, $1000, even $1,500. But it's a search that could leave you with computer indigestion. In fact, search Google for "free gas" and your screen will be inundated with unsafe results. Six out of twenty first page results link to red sites for this recent search for "free gas." And five of the top eight sponsored links go to red rated sites. SiteAdvisor blog: Fill'er up with Spammy E-mail

Linked by shanmuga Saturday, 27th May 2006 2:20AM