Is 'Cybercrime' Really Killing the Internet?

Just before the U.S. Memorial Day holiday, we have the news that 26 million U.S. veterans' personal information has been stolen from the home of a Veterans Affairs worker. The VA is going to notify each of the vets to warn them to be on the lookout for abuse of their information.

As a result of stories like these, we get other reporters suggesting that theft of information via cybercrime -- which today seems to mean any form of crime that involves a computer, including the theft of a laptop from a home or cafe -- is "mushrooming."

Who here thinks we only started to store personally identifiable information on computers in the last year or two? Who thinks laptops and desktops, and servers for that matter, have only recently started being stolen? Microsoft Certified Professional Magazine Online | Column: Is 'Cybercrime' Really Killing the Internet?

Linked by shanmuga Saturday, 27th May 2006 2:36AM