CIOs Lack Content Control; Spyware Guns for SMBs

Many large enterprises now block spyware, spam, and other threats and nuisances. Yet such threats also affect small and medium size businesses (SMBs), which overall have fewer resources to deal with them, and thus may be more attractive targets.

How bad is the SMB spyware problem? "More than 50 percent of small and medium-sized businesses experienced a spyware attack during the first quarter of 2006," notes a recent report from anti-spyware software vendor Webroot Software.

For companies affected, the outcomes from such attacks included decreased system performance (for 63 percent); a reduction in employee productivity (56 percent); and a discernible impact on the businessís bottom line (34 percent). Theft of sensitive company information, and an inability to access critical systems, is also a concern. Enterprise Systems | CIOs Lack Content Control; Spyware Guns for SMBs

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