Password stealing Trojan arrives in German spam

A fresh round of spam with a password stealing Trojan horse detected on Sunday uses a German language pitch, saying the malicious attachment is an official Microsoft Corp. Windows update.

The attached malware, called "Trojan PSW.Win32.Sinowal.u" by antivirus software developer Kaspersky Lab Ltd., is a next generation Trojan that's on the rise, said Roel Schouwenberg, a senior research engineer with the company. The Sinowal family of malware was first detected in December, and first seeded on malicious Web sites.

If a user visited the site and did not have a properly patched browser, the software would install itself, allowing it to harvest login and password information for some European banks' Web sites, Schouwenberg said. The Sinowal family of malware may have been created in Russia, since the malware code contains some Russian, he said. InfoWorld Nederland

Linked by shanmuga Tuesday, 30th May 2006 12:41AM