Time To Get Tough On Security Slackers

There comes a time when a problem spirals so out of control that you're willing to entertain just about any solution to get it under control. That time has arrived with data security.

On the table for more than a year has been an array of regulatory, legal, and market-based approaches for keeping organizations from losing, misplacing, exposing, and otherwise failing to protect people's personal data. Among the proposals: Hold every organization to minimum security standards. Require them to notify customers immediately when a key system has been breached. Levy heavy fines and even jail sentences on those who fumble customer data, not just on those who steal it. Experiment with nonregulatory solutions, like insurance policies and third-party monitoring and ratings. Then there are the free-market die-hards, who insist on doing nothing, as consumers will punish those who play fast and loose with their data. InformationWeek | Data Protection | Down To Business: Time To Get Tough On Security Slackers | May 29, 2006

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