Use virtual honeynets to stop intruders

Intrusion detection and prevention are important goals of your IT security plan, and the best intrusion/detection strategies employ multiple elements.

In previous columns, I've talked about how to choose an IDS/IPS appliance or software product that can grow with your business. These are reactive methods of protecting against intruders who find and attempt to breach your network's security.

Some organizations are taking a more proactive approach by setting up "honeypots"--a server designed to look like a real production machine that's really there just to attract the hackers--and even entire networks of such machines (often running as virtual machines on a single physical box). Let's look at how you can make a honeypot or honeynet part of your intrusion detection and prevention strategy and how it can grow as your "real" network does. Use virtual honeynets to stop intruders - Techguides - ZDNet Asia

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