Spamware for the Mac?

Friends and relatives who use Apples Macintosh computers often boast that they are immune to the viruses and other dreck that infects Microsofts Windows . My comeback is always, "Oh yeah? Well, at least there are decent spamware programs that run on Windows!" (Just kidding.)

It's true that the most powerful spam-sending programs (for example, Dark Mailer, SendSafe, Nexus) don't run on the Macintosh. There are some Mac-based programs designed to do bulk mailing. But to my knowledge, none of these has "spammy" features like the ability to route messages through proxies, forge message headers, or add message "noise" to confuse filters. Spam Kings Blog: Spamware for the Mac?

Linked by shanmuga Wednesday, 12th October 2005 10:23PM