Newest Ransomware Threat: Buy Drugs Or Else

Another Trojan horse that tries to extort money from victims whose files have been locked up was discovered Thursday by a U.K. security company, making it the third piece of "ransomware" to appear this year.

Sophos warned users of "Arhiveus.a," aka "MayAlert," a Trojan that encrypts all the files in Windows' "My Documents" folder after it infects a PC.

When users try to access a file in My Documents, a message pops up that spells out the damage, and warns against going to the authorities.

"Reporting to police about a case will not help you, they do not know the password. Reporting somewhere about our email account will not help you to restore files. Moreover, you and other people will lose contact with us, and consequently, all the encrypted information," it reads. InformationWeek | Virus | Newest Ransomware Threat: Buy Drugs Or Else | June 1, 2006

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