Trust Cleaner, New Rogue Antispyware app

A new rogue antispyware application has been released called Trust Cleaner. At first glance, this rogue antispyware application works the same way as the other ones that have been released lately like SpyFalcon and SpywareQuake as it uses trojans to display fake warnings that act as a goad to make you purchase the full commercial version of its software. This particular variant, though, adds some additional "features" to its installation...After the malware is installed the rogue anti-spyware program Trust Cleaner is set to to start automatically when your computer starts. It then scans your computer for supposed Spyware and malware and displays a list of the items found. It is quite funny, though, as it finds its own components and labels them as Spyware...The Security Blog for the Home User Trust Cleaner, the rogue anti-spyware app that tricks you into thinking its Google.

Linked by shanmuga Monday, 5th June 2006 10:37PM