Spam spyware combo will spawn targeted attack tools

The IT security landscape is about to be hit with a potentially devastating seismic shift, says Mark Sunner, CTO of Message Labs: the convergence of phishing type spam emails and spyware. It is a combination of powerful social engineering techniques and stealthy information gathering capabilities, he says, that will soon take the bad guys to a whole new level.

"I have no doubt that a year or so from now, we'll look back on this timeframe as a trigger point when threats started to shift in this direction," Sunner says. "We'll look back on this period in the same way we look back at 2003 as the year botnets went from an embryonic stage to the source of virtually all spam. We'll look back and say that this is when the threats truly became targeted." Application Development Trends - Spam-spyware combo will spawn targeted attack tools

Linked by shanmuga Tuesday, 6th June 2006 1:56AM