A degree in hacking

The University of Advancing Technology (UAT) in Phoenix, Ariz., is marketing its new Network Security program as a way to get a degree in hacking. The school is drawing the interest of geeks who use Windows, Linux, and Macintosh, according to UAT's IT manager Raymond Todd Blackwood, and even a few who want to go to the dark side of network security.

Hackerdegree.com's Web page looks like a non-Windows desktop with a few terminals open, inviting the curious to learn more about fighting "cybercrime," "cybertheft," and even "cyberterrorism." It serves as an advertisement and info site that links to the main site at uat.edu. However, the site works only with Internet Explorer, and won't display anything but the Flash animated masthead if you're using any other browser. "That's an old site," Blackwood says. "We're working on redesigning now and we're investing a ton of money into building an amazing Web site" that will work with all browsers. NewsForge | A degree in hacking

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