SiteAdvisor: The 10 Most Dangerous Summer Movies to Search For

As consumers flock to the Web to learn more about this summer's "event" movies, we decided to see if the scammers and spammers had followed. So, do any of this summer's biggest names contain any hidden computer dangers? We searched Google for the titles of 37 summer '06 blockbusters plus the word "screensaver" and calculated the percentage of risky site links returned on the first page of search results. We also performed similar screensaver searches for 48 of these films' leading actors.

Sure enough, we found plenty to watch out for, including screensaver sites that lead to spyware, spam and other online nuisances. The right screensaver can let the fan savor his or her favorites all summer long. The wrong ones, well, letís just say the movie may have come and gone, but the PC complications could last indefinitely. What follows are the 10 most dangerous summer blockbusters, and the 10 most dangerous blockbuster actors. SiteAdvisor blog: Summer Blockbusters: The Good, the Bad, the Dangerous

Linked by shanmuga Tuesday, 6th June 2006 8:05AM