Who is that knocking at your PC?

I wonder if you realise just how many people are knocking at the door of your broadband PC (or sneaking round the back and breaking and entering). We often talk about the scale of security problems and internet threats and quote this "research" or that "study", but I thought I would try to quantify this myself by monitoring a PC for 24 days in August. This is what I found by analysing the logs of a single trip-wired Linux sniffing machine.

During the 24 days, there was a staggering total of 18,533 unwanted visitors. That's a total of 772 a day, 32 an hour or one every two minutes on average, day and night. Of these, 282 tried to break in explicitly. That's 12 a day or once every two hours on average. There were 52 attempts to take over the machine and use it as a surrogate spam relay. That's two a day approximately. There were no less than 11,211 port scans on the machine looking for vulnerabilities. That's a staggering 467 a day or one every three minutes. Who's that knocking at your PC? - vnunet.com

Linked by shanmuga Wednesday, 12th October 2005 10:30PM