Legitimate 'rootkits' soften Vista security

Windows Vista will be better equipped to protect itself from malicious rootkits than its predecessor, Windows XP, but because so many "legitimate" applications use rootkit techniques, Microsoft has decided to implement two crucial anti-rootkit technologies only in 64-bit versions of its new operating system.

...In a phone interview, Austin Wilson, director of product management for Windows Vista Security, told ZDNet Australia on Thursday that the software giant has developed a number of defences against rootkits. But, the most effective will not be included in the most common versions of Windows Vista.

Two techniques -- Kernel Patch Protection and driver signing -- will be available in 64-bit versions of Windows Vista, which are mostly used in servers rather than desktops, so most users will miss out, admitted Wilson. Legitimate 'rootkits' soften Vista security: ZDNet Australia: News: Security

Linked by shanmuga Friday, 9th June 2006 9:52AM