Hunting Spyware in Your PC

Let's assume you recently purchased a long-time desired computer. Costing a bundle, it has all the latest devices that modern technology can offer. You plug in the cables, switch the power on and connect to the Internet, looking forward to appreciating its features and power at full.

After a couple of days, the computer starts going crazy -- and you with it: The ADSL connection is as slow as an old turtle, some programs don't work properly, you see ads in your own language even if visiting another country's Web site, and strange toolbars and pop-up windows appear on your screen, usually with skimpily-dressed women inside.

Your computer is probably full of spyware, and to get it back to normal, it needs to be cleaned Hunting Spyware in Your PC - OhmyNews International

Linked by shanmuga Friday, 9th June 2006 10:45AM