Spyware threats triple

The amount of spyware detected on the internet has tripled over the last year, according to new research.

The report, "Aladdin eSafe CSRT 2005 Malicious Code Report: The Big Threats Shift" found that the number of malicious threats rose from 1,083 in 2004 to 3,389 in 2005, representing a massive increase of more than 213 percent. The data was compiled by security company Aladdin's Content Security Response Team (CSRT).

The CSRT also found that number of trojans grew from 1,455 in 2004 to 3,521 in 2005, representing a 142 percent rise. The number all other malicious threats, such as viruses and worms, grew from 6,222 in 2004 to 9,713 in 2005, representing a 56 percent increase. News - IT Security News - SC Magazine UK

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