Confessions of a spam gangsta

Ryan Pitylak used his blog this week to explain why he's decided on a career change, going from notorious spammer to spam fighter.

Pitylak recently settled a lawsuit with the state of Texas and Microsoft that'll cost him $1 million plus the seizure of many of the assets he accumulated as a spammer. According to published reports, he'll have to sell his 2005 BMW and $430,000 house near Austin to settle fines and legal bills.

He said he feels strongly about making a difference in the war against spam, and that his knowledge will prove a powerful weapon in the fight. He's also started a separate blog that will focus squarely on his new crusade.

But why the change of heart after earning a reputation as one of the worst spammers on Earth? Is it even possible to trust someone who at one point was unleashing up to 25 million unsolicited marketing messages a day for things like debt counseling and mortgages? Security Blog Log: Confessions of a spam gangsta

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