Macs for Stealing, PCs for Pie Charts!

...Why show the humans as computers stealing? When you hear horror stories about PCs and security you hear about the PC being infected with malware in less than twelve minutes. Of course you could argue, with an expansive enough definition of malware, that the annoying programs that ship on the PC means, implicitly, that each PC ships already ridden with vileness.

On the other hand, people are trained to accept that kind of annoyance. The malware everyone really worries about is the identity stealing, zombie bot making, hard drive zeroing, self-replicating type. The kind of stuff that security companies publicly classify as a level 1 threat (of course, the classifiers also happen to sell the solution). Apple Matters | Macs for Stealing, PCs for Pie Charts!

Linked by shanmuga Sunday, 18th June 2006 2:01AM