Welcome to new PC protection suites

Protecting your personal computer from viruses, worms, hackers and spies may require you to select the services you need from a surfeit of options and then pay for them with an annual subscription. The old method of installing an antivirus software and a firewall and hoping they do their job may no longer be an option.

Within days of each other, Net security leaders McAfee and Symantec (better known by their brand Norton) have placed for public trial, beta or test versions of new PC protection suites which may well end up as paid subscription service offerings by year end. Symantec has announced an upcoming consumer PC security service to be called "Norton 360", which will integrate many of its existing technologies to battle the Web's baddies. The Hindu : National : Welcome to new PC protection suites

Linked by shanmuga Sunday, 18th June 2006 11:26PM