AIG: Personal data on 970,000 lost in burglary

Insurance giant American International Group said on Friday that it has lost personal identifying information on about 970,000 consumers through a burglary at an undisclosed office in the Midwest.

The insurer said the break-in occurred March 31 and that it alerted police to the loss of a laptop computer and a file server with insurance applicants' personal records. But the company acknowledged that it has not yet alerted consumers about their possible vulnerability to identity thieves. AIG said it plans to mail out advisories to the affected consumers by the end of this week.

"So far, we're not aware of any misuse," says AIG spokesman Chris Winans, adding, "We didn't want to inadvertently inform the thief that he had a computer with sensitive information on it." - AIG: Personal data on 970,000 lost in burglary

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