Exploit Prevention Labs Ships Zero Day Exploit Blocker

Exploit Prevention Labs shipped Monday the final version of its debut product SocketShield and said it was moving up the release of the enterprise version of its "malware Band-Aid."

SocketShield 1.0 debuted after about six weeks of beta testing which saw "in the low five figures" download the security application that protects users' PCs until they can apply vendor made patches. The signature-based monitor detects and blocks vulnerability exploits, not the worm, spyware, or Trojan payloads that traditional anti-virus and anti-spyware software seek out.

The $29.95 program -- after the first year, annual subscriptions will run $20 said Roger Thompson, one of the company's co-founders and its chief technology officer -- can be downloaded from the Atlanta company's Web site. For a limited time, SocketShield is priced at $19.95. InformationWeek | Vulnerability Exploit Blocker | Exploit Prevention Labs Ships Zero-Day Exploit Blocker | June 19, 2006

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