Ajax security basics

Ajax technologies have been very visible on the web over the past year, due to their interactive nature. Google Suggest and Google Maps are some of the notable early adopters of Ajax. Companies are now thinking of how they too can leverage it, web developers are trying to learn it, security professionals are thinking of how to secure it, and penetration testers are thinking of how to hack it. Any technology that can improve the throughput of servers, produce more fluid page transitions, and make web application even richer for the end user is bound to find a place in the industry.

Ajax is considered the next step in a progression towards the trumpeted, "Web 2.0." The purpose of this article is to introduce some of the security implications with modern Ajax web technologies. Though Ajax applications can be more difficult to test, security professionals already have most of relevant approaches and tools needed. The authors will discuss if today's popular need to say goodbye to the full webpage refreshes using Ajax also means we are saying hello to some new security holes. We will begin with a brief discussion of the technology behind Ajax followed by a discussion on the security impact of applications using Ajax technology. Ajax security basics

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