Spoofing Defense Dissed By Security Experts

A defense lawyer in an ongoing federal computer sabotage trial is pushing the idea that four years ago, a hacker masqueraded as his client to surreptitiously plant the logic bomb that took down thousands of servers at UBS PaineWebber, thus framing an innocent man.

Roger Duronio, a former systems administrator at UBS, is currently on trial in a District Court in Newark, N.J., for allegedly building and distributing the logic bomb that crippled the company's ability to do business for a day in some locations, and for as long as two to three weeks in others, costing UBS a reported $3.1 million in cleanup costs alone. If convicted, Duronio faces a maximum sentence of 30 years, fines of up to $1 million and restitution for the money UBS spent on recovery. InformationWeek | IP Spoofing, UBS trial | Spoofing Defense Dissed By Security Experts | June 19, 2006

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