Spyware Researcher under DDoS attack

My good friend and colleague in the spyware fighting business, Patrick Jordan, aka Webhelper on the forums, has been under a DDoS attack since June 16 at his website, webhelper4u.com. I'm not linking to his site in order to conserve his bandwidth.

This is not the first time anti-spyware websites have been attacked by the malware pushers. In 2004 several well known sites in the anti-spyware community were hit, including Spywareinfo.com, TomCoyote.org, Merijn.org (maker of HijackThis and other anti-spyware tools) CastleCops.com (formerly ComputerCops.biz), Safernetworking.org (home of Spybot Search & Destroy), and Net-Integration (no longer online) were DDoSed for weeks upon weeks. Last year Ben Edelman's site was also attacked. Spyware fighter under DDoS attack by DollarRevenue trojan | Spyware Confidential | ZDNet.com

Linked by shanmuga Tuesday, 20th June 2006 1:07AM