Microsoft's security push will start off shaky, but just wait

Microsoft must convince businesses it's the solution, not the source to their security problems. But just give it three years.

When it comes to the IT ailments that have made security such a big business, there are lots of companies selling Band Aids but relatively few looking for cures. Microsoft's creation of Forefront, a single brand for its security products, indicates that the company knows where the money is in this market.

Hint: Band-Aids.

The Forefront line, unveiled last week, will include Microsoft's software for protecting business PCs, its Antigen software for servers that came from the Sybari Software acquisition, and its Internet Security &\1 Acceleration Server for analyzing network traffic, among other products. The first of the rebranded products are due later this year, and the rest are expected in the first half of 2007.

While Microsoft didn't talk about any new security technologies, its establishment of an umbrella product line shows that it's preparing to get serious about the market. Still, it will be difficult for the company to emerge as a powerful player, at least at first.

Linked by shanmuga Wednesday, 21st June 2006 12:52AM