"The single biggest problem today is botnets"

Patric Runald, Senior Security Specialist at the F Secure response lab in the Asia Pacific region, spoke to Dominic K about security threats on the OS front with an emphasis on mobile OS platforms.

According to you, which is the most serious security threat at present?

The single biggest problem we have today in the PC world is botnets. These are basically a network of infected machines controlled by a group of hackers or someone who controls the machines remotely.

Most of the new malware we see today in Windows are botnets. They can install software, adware and utilise your PC and bandwidth for DoS attacks by entering through the back door…it’s a big way to make money.

DDoS attacks are extremely difficult to deal with. The way F-Secure tries to handle things is through traffic monitoring and tie-ups with ISPs. Any machine that is detected as virus-infected will be quarantined until it is cleaned. We want the infected machine off the network until it is safe. The moment it is clean it will be able to surf without the ISP’s intervention. “The single biggest problem today is botnets” - Inperson - Network Magazine India

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