Malware removal: Four simple steps

While attending TechEd 2006 in Boston, I caught Sysinternals' malware expert Mark Russinovich's presentation entitled "Enterprise Malware Solutions". He began the presentation by saying "Discovering malware is all well and good, but most people don't know how to actually remove it from their system once they find it". Given that many popular antivirus and antispyware tools don't always remove the malware they discover, I appreciated Russinovich's intent to show us how to eliminate malware by hand.

Russinovich was careful to identify rootkits as their own monster in the malware world. Rootkits have a way of disguising themselves as other types of files and processes that can hide from tools typically used to remove other forms of malware. He addressed rootkits more in depth toward the end of the discussion.

Russinovich laid out these steps to remove malware from your system. Malware removal: Four simple steps

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