Hackers keep hacking because they can

...none of the security products we use will ever be perfect because they are all point solutions ignoring the real problem: Most hackers and malware spreaders never get caught. If hackers and malware writers knew we could catch them most of the time, we wouldn't even need anti virus software or firewalls, because our security threats would be almost gone.

This is analogous to speeding on the highway. Nearly everyone speeds on the highway because few speeders get caught. But if every speeder got a ticket every time (think ticket-cams), you’d see all drivers slow down.

The real computer security problem is a lack of persuasive authentication. If the Internet allowed default authentication and accountability for every packet and every program, from source to destination, hacking and malware would stop overnight. In a better world, if someone sent me a malicious program, I could track it back not only who sent the program to me, but who sent the program to them, and so on … back to the original creator, with nearly 100 percent certainty. Hacking would cease to exist. Hackers keep hacking because they can | InfoWorld | Column | 2006-06-23 | By Roger A. Grimes

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