Lessons Learned from the 'Leaves' Worm?

This week marks the fifth anniversary of the "Leaves worm," a crafty piece malware that broke new ground in a myriad ways and offered a taste of what the criminal hacking world had in store for computer users and online advertisers in the years that followed.

Leaves was the first worm to come disguised as a security update from Microsoft, a still-effective tactic used with abandon in today's worms and viruses. It also was the first high-profile attack that enlisted victims' computers in large-scale advertising fraud. The Leaves author is widely thought to have used his network of more than 23,000 infected PCs to generate revenue by directing them to periodically click on Internet ad banners. Security Fix - Brian Krebs on Computer and Internet Security - (washingtonpost.com)

Linked by shanmuga Saturday, 24th June 2006 3:08AM