The perpetual malware distribution site lives on

In the course of my work, I see or hear about a lot of sites used for phishing and for distribution of malware. There are teams of people working constantly toward getting these shut down, but some just keep distributing malware even after the ISP/hosting company is notified. Security expert Jose Nazario of Arbor Networks blogged about one such site today. This site has been in operation since at least 2002 and is based in the UK.

The site in question lives at IP address (link to whois at Nazario has a screenshot of a directory listing at the site, showing malware files with dates ranging from 11-Feb-2002 to 19-June 2006. The perpetual malware distribution site lives on | Spyware Confidential |

Linked by shanmuga Saturday, 24th June 2006 3:09AM