Spam project pits humans vs machines

John Graham Cumming is about 666,666 clicks away from a new weapon that could help kill spam that's unsolicited email, not the salty canned meat for good.

Graham Cumming, an Englishman who lives in Toulouse, France, is a seasoned spam fighter who wrote Popfile, an open source e mail classification tool. He also wrote Polymail, an antispam library licensed by other companies for use in spam filters.

Spam still comprises about 80 percent of all e-mail, although it has become less of an annoyance due to much-improved filtering. But spammers persevere, finding technical ways of slipping e-mail through, and the race continues to develop sharper filters. Spam project pits humans vs. machines

Linked by shanmuga Tuesday, 27th June 2006 1:56AM