'Miracle Diet' Web Sites That Thin the Wallet, Not the Waist

Bikini season it just might be the diet industry's favorite time of year. What better way to encourage dieting and weight loss, than the fear of exposing a less than perfect body in a skimpy swimsuit on a crowded beach? As the summer heats up and the clothes come off, there is a heightened desire to get in shape, drop pounds, and score a beach-ready bod. Unfortunately, scammy Web sites selling diet aids profit from the weight loss hype. These sites lure consumers with dubious promises of miraculous weight loss solutions and misleading "free" trial offers.

Whether or not some of these products are somehow effective for weight loss, we're skeptical of grandiose claims, and we are concerned by the opportunity for consumers to be misled by deceptive billing practices. We went looking for sites selling diet aids with misleading advertising, and we came up with 75 sites to flag as yellow one third of first page results for a Hoodia pill search, for example. We'll focus on specific examples from each of these misleading practices. McAfee SiteAdvisor Blog: Diet Deceptions

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