Looking ahead to life without passwords

Ayaaz Janmohamed and Matthew Todd manage IT operations in two very different environments, but their identity and access management challenges aren't different at all. Janmohamed, IT infrastructure manager for the City of Edmonton Police Service in Alberta, Canada, worries that online outlaws could access electronically stored information on suspects, victims and police officers and put everyone's safety at risk. Todd, CISO and VP of risk and technical operations for Palo Alto, Calif.-based Financial Engines Inc., worries that someone with unauthorized access could steal investors' sensitive financial data and use it for identity fraud and other crimes.

Both have invested plenty of time, money and energy to keep these scenarios from ever happening. And along the way, both have determined that passwords are nothing but trouble.

"The urgency of people getting information is such that people put passwords on a sticky note, or several people try to share passwords on one machine, and so accountability is tossed out," Janmohamed said. Plus many organizations allow employees to choose simplistic passwords that attackers can easily crack, and if an employee needs multiple passwords to access different applications, the problem is exacerbated. Looking ahead to life without passwords

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