Spy Versus Antispy

Dealing with spyware is a pain, but so is finding software that squashes it effectively. Here's some inside the labs intelligence on how we test antispyware apps to make sure they can actually clean your machine and keep it that way.

There are times when, after spending hours testing one antispyware utility after another, I dream of the perfect testing lab, where dozens of intense young men and women clad in crisp white lab coats capture and dissect every variety of spyware. Using rows and rows of secured test computers, they torture-test antispyware programs to determine whether the apps actually remove the sample threats they unleash and—better yet—whether they can keep the darn things off a clean system.

The reality isn't quite as glamorous. I'm my own lab "staff," and my rows of machines are virtual ones. I can't reasonably test every spyware threat out there, so I rely on a strong, representative sampling. The results are reliable and reproducible, even though I don't have a huge staff of lab-coated assistants. ABC News: Spy Versus Antispy

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