Taming the MySpace monster

As if everyone doesn't know already, MySpace is being sued for failing to protect one of its users. I am not going to delve into the details of the case plenty of speculation already abounds but I will say I agree that failure to properly supervise a child can be a precursor to problems in almost any environment. I was never properly supervised catching fish off "borrowed" john boats, jumping my BMX bike too short over the neighbors' flowerbeds, or crashing my go cart into the tires of parked cars on the street, and look how bad I turned out.

Some colleagues and I recently launched Tot Jot, geared towards parents of small children, and we presumed a high level of privacy was a foregone conclusion. We leveraged what meager contribution I could make on the matter from my workings over at Spamroll, but I still thought it would still be a good idea to see how the other side works. So I took the plunge and joined MySpace - the goal being to analyze, from a beginner user's perspective, what makes MySpace so potentially dangerous.

Now, for what I found.... Thought Market: Taming the MySpace monster

Linked by shanmuga Tuesday, 4th July 2006 1:03AM