The March Of Malware

A friend called me the other day. She's an independent bookkeeper who works for many small businesses, usually in their offices on their computers. She's often their first line of tech support, even though that falls way outside her job description.

One of her clients' computers had been acting funny. She loaded up some antivirus software, and sure enough, it told her the machine had a Trojan. She cleaned it, restarted, and there was the Trojan again. A few attempts later, the Trojan was still there. That's when she called me.

I assured her she'd done exactly what she should have and advised her to call in her client's professional tech support person. She gave a dissatisfied sigh and asked, "Why would anyone DO this?" -- why would anyone write and distribute malicious software? I didn't have a good answer. InformationWeek Weblog: The March Of Malware

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