ICICI Bank phishing scam targets customers in india

Security Analysts at MicroWorld Technologies warn that a Phishing mail in the name of one of India’s leading Banks, ICICI, has been found to be spammed to targeted user groups for the last couple of weeks, aiming to steal sensitive financial information.

The mail reads that the ICICI bank is upgrading to a new SSL Server to insulate customers against online Identity Theft and other criminal activities. Users are told to confirm their personal banking information following the link given in the mail. It also warns that if the user does not complete the form, the online bank account will be suspended till further notification. Once the user clicks on the link, he is taken to a bogus website that looks identical to the original one, where he is made to part with his account number, password and PIN number. HNS - ICICI Bank phishing scam targets customers in india

Linked by shanmuga Friday, 7th July 2006 3:03AM