The Alchemy of Security

In high school chemistry, we learn that the world is made up of compounds things that are mixed together to create something else, and elements, substances that are so basic that they can't be broken down into any further constituent parts. Chemists enjoy taking the elements and trying to create new compounds that do something new or better.

Apparently, the IT industry is full of chemists, and security has become one of their favorite elements with which to experiment.

Everywhere you look, big companies are trying to find some way to fuse security (one of the industry's most critical and lucrative technology areas) with whatever they're selling at the moment, in an effort to create the next "new paradigm" of computing. The industry's largest vendors are playing with security like it's sodium, mixing it and melting it like Dr. Frankenstein: Dark Reading - Cisco - The Alchemy of Security - Security

Linked by shanmuga Friday, 7th July 2006 3:10AM