Mark Rasch: Windows genuine disadvantage

What would you call a computer program that surreptitiously installed itself onto your computer, collected personal information about you without your knowledge or effective consent, was difficult or impossible to remove, installed pop-up banners that constantly harassed you, and presented significant security vulnerabilities?

If you were Los Angeles resident Brian Johnson, the answer would be simple. You'd call it Windows. Or more specifically, it's the antipiracy software download known as Windows Genuine Advantage.

..."Indeed, the [Microsoft] EULA here is more onerous and less clear than that which the FTC found actionable for online spyware manufacturer Odysseus, who purported to allow people to download software to make Kazaa P2P software anonymous, but which actually collected personal information and sent adware to the users. In plain terms, spyware EULAs aren't enforceable, and the WGA license sure sounds like a spyware EULA." Windows genuine disadvantage

Linked by shanmuga Friday, 7th July 2006 3:14AM