Gangs use Internet to showcase exploits

Some of the country's most notorious street gangs have gotten Web savvy, showcasing illegal exploits, making threats, and honoring killed and jailed members on digital turf.

Crips, Bloods, MS-13, 18th Street and others have staked claims on various corners of cyberspace. "Web bangers" are posting potentially incriminating photos of members holding guns, messages taunting other gangs and boasts of illegal exploits on personal websites and social networking sites.

"I'm just being real and I ain't got nothing to hide," said Kristopher "Kasper" Flowers, 30, a professed member of the 18th Street gang with facial tattoos of "18" and "666." The main 18th Street gang website has a link to "Kaspers World." - Gangs use Internet to showcase exploits

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