MS Predatory Pricing: Can Low Prices be a Bad Thing?

As consumers, we all want to pay less and get more. Microsoft seems to be trying to give us just that, as they incorporate more and more of what used to be "add on" software into the operating system and offer low cost services that provide others. Windows XP included a built in firewall, a product that you once had to buy separately from a third party vendor. Now Vista is adding Defender, an anti-spyware application, and OneCare is a service-based "bundle" of security applications priced considerably lower than those of the major third party competitors in the market.

But is there a downside to getting all your protective programs from the same source that makes the OS? Proponents of Microsoft's model say no, that having it all made by MS means everything integrates more fully, ensures better compatibility and saves people money. Others aren't so sure. SunbeltBLOG: Can Low Prices be a Bad Thing?

Linked by shanmuga Friday, 7th July 2006 3:22AM