Sandbagging Spyware

Talk to any IT department about its biggest desktop bane and chances are you'll hear the same tale of woe about public enemy No. 1 spyware.

IT staffers, therefore, make a habit of carrying around antispyware tools on thumb drives for that inevitable moment when yet another end user reports an infection or slow performance. But addressing desktop casualties one after another is a bit like applying first aid to the victims of sniper gunfire rather than sending a squad to take out the shooter on the hillside.

"We were spending many hours every week handling spyware attacks on our desktops," says Roberto Wong, network administrator at Chun Yu Works Inc. of Chino, Calif. "It was taking so long to handle some machines that we began to wonder if it might be cheaper just to supply infected users with a new workstation." Case Study: Sandbagging Spyware

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