Microsoft's Private Folder App Criticized

Microsoft has released an application that would make it possible for those who share a PC or account to store files in a separate folder that only they may access. The move has been criticized, however, as some say the program could be misused, hiding content from IT administrators....

But response to Private Folder from some was not positive. "An alleged security app that's easily circumvented and completely unsupported, with absolutely no documentation? Oh, dear. With all due respect, who the heck came up with this and why?" a user named "Drew" posted to the MSBlog on Monday.

Additionally, if a user loses the password to the folder, there is no way for Microsoft --or an administrator -- to unlock the files to regain access, something that many of the application's detractors found problematic. BetaNews | Microsoft's Private Folder App Criticized

Linked by shanmuga Tuesday, 11th July 2006 1:18AM